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1. What is this course about?

This course for those people who wants to apply for indefinite leave to remain or British Passport

It is the requirement of the home office that anyone who is applying indefinite leave to remain or British Passport must prove their English skills.

There are 2 ways to proving your skills:
1) Life in the UK test
2) ESOL with Citizenship Course

2. Do you provide Life in the UK test in your centre ?

Yes.. we provide both life in the UK test and ESOL with citizenship course.

3. What documents do I need to bring ?

Please bring your passport, Residence proof and Tuition fees

4. I don’t have a passport? I am illegal

You need to bring a letter from your solicitor that you need to this course for your case

5. I don’t have my passport with me I have sent to home office

Bring a letter from home office that says that you have sent your passport to them

6.What is initial assessment?

It is small test that we will tell us how do is your English.. so that we can teach you accordingly.

7. How long is this IA?

Max 45 min

8. What are course timings?

We provide courses in Day time (9:30 – 4:30) Afternoon , Evenings (6:00 – 9:00) and weekends (9.30 to 4.30)

9. When will I get my Certificate?

Within 4 Weeks

10. What certificate will I get?

You will get a certificate from Trinity College / Edexcel

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